We challenged ourselves to innovate within a 360º environment and raise the bar on music entertainment by amplifying the Joseph Kahn-directed music video for Taylor Swift's "Blank Space" – the Taylor Swift Blank Space Experience turned viewers into users and transported them inside Taylor’s world.

The Taylor Swift Blank Space Experience utilized our full wheelhouse of capabilities from artist management to post production, content creation to app development and deployment. In 2014 the mobile 360º environment was in its infancy, so we invented new programming methods to support high-resolution video playback and interactivity for iOS and Android devices.

We extended the narrative with three new characters who interwove within Taylor’s storyline to give fans the ability to choose their own adventure inside the mansion. While on their journey, users discovered 41 pieces of revealing, Taylor-inspired memorabilia that could be shared directly to Facebook, Twitter, or downloaded to their devices. The app drew overwhelming engagement as fans replayed the experience multiple times per session and even took to social media to share the locations of the hidden memorabilia.

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Taylor Swift

The Blank Space Experience

Interactive Treasure Hunt

Fans explore a stunning house filled with multiple rooms and characters, boasting dozens of hidden interactive features waiting to be unlocked and explored. We also included a scavenger hunt for users to unlock exclusive content from Taylor Swift herself. The puzzle was so popular that within hours of the app's release, fans took to social media comparing notes on their experience and boasting about their completion of the hunt. 
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