An immersive brand experience and interactive art installation that celebrated Chanel Nº5 Eau Première.

Adjacent to the High Line in NYC, we designed an immersive installation to showcase the fragrance’s modern allure. 


Exterior Experience: 
Ambient N°5 Bottle Animations

LEDs veiled the exhibit structure and became a canvas for a series of ambient animated films. The exterior evolved into an attraction in its own right that provoked impromptu sidewalk photoshoots illuminated with our elegant interpretations of the iconic Nº5 bottle and brand intrinsics.

Interior Immersive Experience

Inside the installation visitors interacted with art pieces that symbolized the aura of Nº5 and revealed the story of its creation. We designed the atmosphere and developed immersion including an anamorphic sculpture, responsive reflecting pools, and a playful musical instrument with strings made of light.

Social Lounge

The experience concluded in a custom designed social lounge where visitors created their own postcards using the iconography of the brand that were mailed to friends and family around the world.
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