We created a space where visitors explored five responsive rooms on an unexpected, immersive journey. The scent-driven exhibit featured a massive walk-in kaleidoscope, individual halos of light, fragrance scented clouds, and a forest of tangible light. Every step of the way people interacted with each other and the installation to turn everyday emotions into live art.

The experience resolved into a brand space where attendees could revisit and interact with the featured Glade fragrances on bespoke architectural elements. As a parting gift, they created, shared, and took home MoodLens selfies that used biometrics to color-code their emotions.

The stand-alone structure featured a living façade that shined with colors representing the emotional state of the city based on our real-time algorithm that pulled weather data, stock market fluctuations, traffic volume, and prevailing social sentiment.

The Museum of Feelings became a must-see experiential attraction during three weeks of New York City’s busy holiday season.

SC Johnson/Glade

Ogilvy & Mather Chicago

Joyful Room

Visitors explored a virtual forest made from 1000s of fiber optic strands — a responsive sculptural environment of sparkling and pulsing light that evoked the feeling of stepping inside a magical moment.

Energized Room

Dynamic halos were created by visitors on the floor as they entered the room.

These generative animations tracked and responded to visitors' motions. As they spun or moved energetically, custom sound design and colorful aura rings radiated and pulsed around them.

Exhilarated Room

Visitors entered a mesmerizing and immersive garden of dynamic 3D floral animations within a larger-than-life kaleidoscope.

A central interactive column within the space allowed visitors to gesturally affect the kaleidoscopic floral patterns.

Calm Room

The Calm Room was an enthralling and meditative experience with an ephemeral and ethereal cloudscape – creating a serene and calming oasis.

Interactive Retail Space

A specially designed brand retail space featured an interactive ‘Scent Table’ where visitors could experience and learn about the signature Glade fragrances in an interesting and engaging way. A series of interactive photo kiosks enabled visitors to create their own ‘Mood-Lens’ portrait and get it printed on specially scented paper as a holiday greeting card. 
A digital extension of the experience allowed a wider audience to create their own Mood-Lens portrait and share it to an online gallery through the Museum of Feelings microsite.

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